TALBOT 70/75

Weymann saloon, Weymann saloon de luxe, coachbuilt saloon, Weymann sunshine saloon, saloon landaulet, saloon limousine, drophead saloon, three-quarter coupé cabriolet, foursome drophead coupé, Weymann coupé, 2/3-seater tourer, tourer.

Virtually the same as the 14/45, although the 120ins wheelbase frame was fitted with centralised lubrication, there was a higher radiator, stronger steering box and silent third 'box, and a new engine with seven main bearings. There was pump cooling on this one instead of the smaller car's thermo-siphon method. Originally marketed as the 70, but after 119 chassis it became the 75 on account of its top speed.

Technical Specifications
2276cc (S6 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1930 to 1935
Number produced
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