TALBOT 75, 105 (1936-37)

Saloon, Airline saloon.

Talbot fans still haven't forgiven Rootes for what they did to Roesch cars. The 105's ali finned brake drums were one of the first things to go, followed shortly by the preselector 'box on the 75. The new 75 had a painfully wide ratio four speed synchro 'box which ruined any of its sporting pretentions, while the 105 was similarly afflicted with a Humber clutch and 'box the following year. Bodies still attractive, but this wasn't the car that Roesch designed.

Technical Specifications
2276cc/2969cc (S6 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1936 to 1937
Number produced
797 approx
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