3-door 4-seater hatchback.

Built-for-rallying 'homologation special' which also happened to be a fine road car, in the Escort RS1600/Chevette HS mould. A simple amalgam of 2.2-litre 150bhp Lotus 16-valve engine and give-speed ZF gearbox with the Talbot Sunbeam bodyshell and suspension. Still with drum rear brakes, but completely equipped and even in standard form good for 120mph, though at only about 18mpg, and let down by the rather tractor-like ZF 'box. Sales were slow, so last 150 cars were registered in 1982 and customised by Avon in 1983.

Technical Specifications
2174cc (S4 DOC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1979 to 1981
Number produced
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