Bargain supercars: Inside the April 2019 issue of C&SC

| 7 Mar 2019

News headlines might focus on the eye-watering sums splashed out on the rarest of classics, but here in the real world, we want cars we can buy and enjoy, without selling a lung.

So don’t miss the new issue of Classic & Sports Car magazine, which sees the team driving a trio of classic supercars that have yet to go stratospheric.

And that’s not all. Our expert has done his homework on the Morris Minor MM and Series II so you don’t have to, and shares his top tips and buying advice from page 182.

Plus, we’re on track in a historic Cobra, we talk Cosworth DFVs with Mike Costin and we’re off to Austria for a spot of spectacular classic ice racing.

Get all this and much more in the April 2019 edition of Classic & Sports Car. It’s out now (in the UK) and you can also buy it online, here. Here’s our preview…

160mph from just £30,000!

It’s Ferrari 348 versus Honda NSX versus Lotus Esprit in this month’s cover feature, as we bring together a trio of junior supercars that took divergent approaches to reach the same goal – but which is the ace in the pack? 

Greg MacLeman’s the chap tasked with answering this question and finding out if the Prancing Horse can be beaten by its Japanese and British rivals.

Plus, if we’ve piqued your interest, we have buying tips from the specialists, too. Turn to p102 and see if you agree with our verdict.

A Cobra like no other

Julian Balme is also in for a wild ride as he samples a Hawaiian Cobra that crossed the Atlantic to find fame on British soil.

You might recognise the ‘Hairy Canary’ from its outings at Goodwood, so here’s an opportunity to learn its full story, understand the painstaking process behind its restoration and find out what it’s like to drive “a high-powered roller skate”.

On the Alpina trail

Or how about a trio of marvellous modern classics?

We’re talking Alpina and from page 146, Greg MacLeman is driving three cars that announced the Buchloe tuner’s arrival: B7S, B7 Coupé and B9.

Need a quick Alpina history lesson? We’ve got you covered. A recap of the firm’s racing prowess? We’ve got that, too. And courtesy of this E12, E24 and E28, we’ll remind you how these undercover, practical models still thrill today.

An unlikely pairing

If you meet someone who owns two classic cars and he tells you his favourite isn’t his Jaguar E-type, then you have to assume the other is something pretty special, right?

In this case, it’s a Marcos 3-Litre, as Martin Buckley discovers: “It caught the imagination of those who could afford an E-type but wanted to make a more individual statement – or wanted a car to build themselves.”

Find out why, after 46 years, this owner’s heart lies with his Marcos (although he still treasures his E-type too, of course).

Read these stories and more, as well as news, auction updates, motorsport, product reviews and all of our regular content in the April 2019 issue of C&SC, out now.

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