Keep on trucking – GMC marks 100 years of truck building

| 13 Dec 2012

GMC is celebrating a long history of truck building 100 years after the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the Reliance Motor Company were swallowed up by the US giant.

The firm’s long history with the utility vehicles began in 1902 with the Rapid truck, which predated the GMC brand. It featured little more than a seat, engine cover and frame.

A century later, GMC’s back catalogue covers everything from its 1910 ‘French’ curved machines to the integrated-headlight vehicles of the ’40s, which featured wider, lower grilles.

By the ’70s heavy-duty models came fitted with dual rear axles, plus the first Crew Cab made its debut and, by the ’80s, the firm had began dabbling in aerodynamics.

The celebration comes as GMC releases its latest flat-bed – the 2014 Sierra.