Karts to welcome kids into historic motor sport

| 20 Jan 2012

Children as young as 12 will soon be able to participate in historic motor sport thanks to a bold initiative from the British Historic Kart Club (BHKC).

From this year the BHKC will be running a junior historic Karting series, the regulations being based on the various junior series run during the 1970s which proved the training ground for so many aces.

The six events will allow youngsters between the ages of 12 and 16 out on the circuit provided that they field a Kart and 100cc engine built between 1971 and 1979. All will be obliged to conform to a weight limit and use a control tyre plus a specified carburettor.

Initially the series will be run on a time-trial basis, but it is hoped that full races will be instigated once the formula has been established.

A full set of regulations can be found here.   Pictures: 12-year-old Edward Thurston driving his 1976 Deavinsons sprint fitted with DAP T70 motor (Amateur sports stars)