The C&SC classic car auction results database

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Auctions make the classic car world go round.

They give enthusiasts a place to pick up a bargain or raise funds for a new purchase; they give us an idea of how the market is moving, and which makes and models are rising or falling in value; and they’re just great fun to read about – particularly when they involve multi-million-pound machines which we know we will never be able to afford ourselves.

Keeping tabs on them all can be tricky, though: each month see scores of sales take place, held by dozens of different auction houses – and that’s why we’ve created this classic car auction results database for you.


How to use the C&SC classic car auctions database

The C&SC classic car auctions database currently lists every vehicle sold at auction since the Monterey sales in August – there are more than 5000 of them – but it’s our intention to have uploaded the whole of 2018 before long, and to then keep extending it each month from now on.

It can easily be ordered by sale price, sale date, car year or any of the other fields you can see above – simply click on the heading to order by that column, and click again to reverse the order.

We’ve also included filters. These let you specify that you only want to see results from UK sales of Ferraris in November, for instance, or worldwide sales of 1960s cars for the past three months. It’s entirely up to you how you explore the data and we suggest that you have a good play around with the options.

This is the first version of our database, and we know it’s not yet perfect. It’s currently designed for desktop only – blame Google for that! – and works much better in full-screen mode: to access this, click on the little rectangle symbol in the grey bar at the bottom right corner of the table.

We fully intend to improve the database from here, so please give us feedback on it by emailing with the subject heading AUCTIONS DATABASE.

Below, we’ve included some links to recent news stories and features that will help bring this table to life.

Enjoy – and do let us know what you think.

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