Taking the NSU home to Neckarsulm

| 16 Jun 2012

Just returned exhausted but satisfied after six nights away at the NSU Treffen, a 500-car (at least) event at the Neckarsulm factory where Audis are now made in a building that looks like a spaceship.

It was more like a party than a car event what with the drinking and general merriment and I’m very glad I went.

I met some interesting people, saw some great cars (of which mine was almost the scruffiest) and gleaned lots of information: it’s amazing how little you really know about things sometimes

It was great hooking up with old friend Phil Blake and his wife Ally who came down in the red R080 Cabriolet and had already sorted my car for the trip.

Full details in the magazine soon but my orange Ro80 performed nearly faultlessly and returned to UK running rather better than it went out. You can view the run through the town on YouTube by clicking here.

That’s me at about 26 minutes in to the film.

I returned via old colleague Giles Chapman who I drove down the M4 at high speed to Stroud where I was donating to him the remnants of a literature haul of a deceased former car hack that another friend had bought for me in an auction last year.

Having extracted the tasty bits I gave the rest to Giles for recycling. I returned him home the next day in the 500SL with his booty; the journey went by in a flash with all our reminiscences about ‘the old days’ on C&SC and memories of his dad's old Derby Bentley.