Techno-Classica Essen

Messe Essen

On one level this vast German show is all about the numbers: 2700 cars, 1250 exhibitors, 200 clubs, 20 halls, 188,000 visitors. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of quality to go with the quantity. Last year we marvelled at birthday tributes to the BMW M1 and E30, and the Audi TT and 100, and both firms will be out in force again with compatriots Mercedes, Porsche and VW. With a new RM Sotheby’s auction added to the line-up and an expanded ‘Klassik Arena’, there will be no shortage of things to see. 

10 Wed
April 2019
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Messe Essen
  • Messeplatz 1
  • 45131 Essen
  • Germany