27 ideas to save the day in C&SC’s Father’s Day gift guide

| 2 Jun 2020
Classic & Sports Car – C&SC’s Father’s Day gift guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner – Sunday, 21 June, in case you’re now panicking – and this year, isn’t it time you got your dear dad something he really wants?

Never fear: we’re here to help you find that perfect gift, whatever your budget.

So here, in no particular order, are 27 present ideas for your classic-car-loving father. Happy shopping!

Automobilist posters (from £29.50)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

There are car posters and then there are car posters – and we rather like these ones from Automobilist. 

There’s a wide range of choice, with everything from a Lancia Stratos taking on Rallye Sanremo to a Porsche 906 print commemorating the 1967 Japanese Grand Prix to a retro James Hunt poster and a limited-edition Ferrari 412P design.

And with prices starting at a whisker under £30, they’re not bank-balance busters, either.

Buy an Automobilist poster here

Gunson Classic Wooden Handle Screwdrivers (from £12.79)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

If your dad loves nothing more than fettling his beloved classic, what about one of these delightfully retro-styled flathead screwdrivers, in 160 x 9mm, 200 x 9.5mm, 250 x 10mm and 300 x 10.5mm sizes.

The handles have wooden inserts, with a pleasing weight and an old-school feel, and the hardened, heat-treated high-carbon blades extend to the end of the tool, so a hammer shouldn’t damage the timber. Prices start at £12.79.

Buy a Gunson Classic Wooden Handle Screwdriver here

Heel Tread socks (from £8)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Socks, the ultimate, boring gift? Not these ones.

Heel Tread, made in Portugal, is a range of stylish, automotive-themed socks paying tribute to some of the best-loved cars – and they’re just £9 a pair, or £8 for a pair of the ‘low’, trainer-sock-style versions.

There’s a large and ever-increasing range to choose from, including the Ford GT40, Lancias Stratos and Integrale, Renault 5 Turbo, Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, Jaguar E-type and Aston Martin DB5, plus a host of motorsport stars, with recent additions including the Lotus Esprit and the Toyota Celica ST185.

Buy Heel Tread socks here

Playforever models (from £21.45)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

We’ve rather fallen for these models that somehow manage to be cute and cool at the same – and prices start at just £21.45.

From designs inspired by racers from the 1920s and ’30s to the Thunderlane range oozing ’60s Americana, plus planes and motorbikes, there’s lots to choose from.

Buy a Playforever model here

Prescott Ales (from £10)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Want to raise a glass with your dad? As its name suggests, Cheltenham-based Prescott Ales has close ties to the Prescott Hill Climb, and the company aims to combine its passions for ale and classic motorsport – perfect.

How about ‘Hill Climb’, a light pale ale or ‘Grand Prix’, described as a ‘powerful full-flavoured ale’? Or there’s the limited-edition Super 6 #1, as well as seasonal ranges, while T-shirts, hoodies, beer glasses, beer mats and more are available, too.

However, while all merchandise can be posted, all beers and beer glasses must be collected from the brewery in Gloucestershire.

Check out the range here

Wriggly Monkey beers (from £20)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Look, we don’t want to give you the idea that we spend much of our day thinking about beer, but we are quite partial to Wriggly Monkey’s brews.

The award-winning Bicester Heritage-based brewery specialises in ‘beer engineered for petrol heads’ and has even converted an Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire into a bar.

There are two signature beers, the ‘Full Tilt’ amber ale and the ‘Super Sports’ very pale ale, along with a Charabanc ruby ale, and more. A case of six costs £20, with 12 for £30. Plus, there’s a new-for-2020, limited-edition Father’s Day Gift Box at £33.

Buy Wriggly Monkey beer here

Classic car mugs (£10)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Can’t drink because you’re driving? Enjoy a cuppa instead in one of these charming 11oz ceramic mugs from Me and My Car.

The collection includes Castrol GTX, Gulf, Jim Clark’s Indy Lotus, Martini Racing Porsche, Shell and the Monte-Carlo Mini, and each has a novel patinated appearance together with a high-gloss finish that should protect them against years of dishwasher cleaning.

They’re £10 each and come in a plain white gift box – saving you the bother of wrapping it, if you don’t want to.

Buy a mug from Me and My Car here

Drive Coffee (from c£14)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Of course, now you need something to go in that fetching mug and if your dad is a coffee connoisseur, how about Drive Coffee’s range?

With stylish, classic-racing inspired packaging – think Jim Clark, Jochen Rindt, Le Mans, Monaco – it looks the part before you even drink it.

Prices start at $18 (around £14), excluding tax and shipping from the US.

Buy coffee from Drive Coffee here

A subscription to Classic & Sports Car magazine

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

Yes, we’re biased and, yes, of course we were going to include this, but it’s the hassle-free way to make sure your loved ones never miss an issue of their favourite magazine. Plus it saves money on buying it in the shop. And you even get a free gift. See, it’s win-win.

You can choose between a print subscription, a digital subscription (on Apple devices only), or both. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Plus, we have a fantastic Father’s Day offer – get 12 issues for £12, or 12 issues for £13.99 with print and digital access. Find out more here. And we have a 12 issues for $12 offer for our US readers, too (click here and hit ‘United States’ in the dropdown menu).

Digital subscriptions are also available through a range of apps including Exact Editions, Zinio and Readly.

Personalised Haynes manual (£35)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Your dad probably already has stacks of Haynes manuals for cars he owns or used to own, but does he have one just for him?

He could do soon, because Haynes has launched a range of brilliant personalised workshop manuals.

Pick from one of the vast range of 210 available models then customise it by uploading your own cover image and text.

Buy a Personalised Haynes manual here

Classic car weathervanes

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

For a gift with a difference, how about an automotive weathervane?

Mechanical engineer William Twelvetrees and his father Roger have produced an inspired collection that includes ERA, Riley Imp, Land-Rover and E-type, but any subject can be made to order.

They’re constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel with a ½in centre post to ensure long life against the fiercest of elements. A typical piece with directional arrow measures 27in.

Prices start at £210 plus postage for an existing design, while bespoke projects can be more, depending upon the complexity.

Buy a classic car weathervane here (or call 01529 241309)

Dashboard desk clock (£115)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

This stylish, twin-faced desk clock is inspired by 1930s sports-car dashboard instruments and would make an interesting Father’s Day present.

The two white and black dials allow dual time zones to be displayed, and the clock can either be stood on a desk or other surface, or mounted on the wall.

Made from aluminium and brass, it measures 25cm wide.

Buy a dashboard desk clock here

Official Citroën memorabilia (from £4) 

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

To mark its centenary last year, Citroën released a plethora of merchandise for all Double Chevron fans.

As the picture demonstrates, this includes Méhari keyrings, 2CV smartphone covers, enamel mugs, Citroën Monopoly (available in English and French) and, errr, boxer shorts.

And there’s more, much more. We’re talking cookie cutters and cake moulds, umbrellas, caps, beach chairs, belts, kids’ dining sets, artwork, plaques, socks, clothing, model cars, postcards, bags and candles. Yes, candles. They’re called ‘Seaside ride in 2CV’ and ‘Getaway in Méhari’, and we’re hoping they’re sweetly scented, rather than of the oily variety.

Buy official Citroën memorablia here 

Lego classics (from £12.99)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Who doesn’t love Lego?! We know that no-one really grows up and we’re delighted that the toy maker seems to be constantly increasing its range of classics.

You can now get a Volkswagen Beetle, several Ford Mustangs, a set featuring a 2016 Ford GT and a 1966 Ford GT40, another set with a ’67 Mini Cooper ‘S’ rally car and a 2018 Mini John Cooper Works Buggy, James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, a Ferrari F40 Competizione and more.

The Fiat 500 pictured retails at £74.99.

Buy Lego classics here

Suixtil Motor Racing Beanie (£65)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Agreed, £65 seems a touch steep for what is essentially a woolly hat, but this is no bog-standard beanie: this a racing beanie, made by Suixtil – suppliers to the likes of Formula One legend Juan Manuel Fangio in the ’50s and ’60s.

It’s made from soft cashmere and lambswool, has flaps to keep your ears warm at winter race meetings and comes with those all-important driving goggles printed on it – less effective than the real thing, but much easier to remember – and comes in grey, pale blue and navy blue.

Buy the Suixtil Motor Racing Beanie here

C&SC’s Greatest Hits magazines (from £10)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Indulge your father’s classic-car passion with one of our weighty Greatest Hits special issues – and with seven now available to choose from, there’s sure to be one he’ll love.

Each edition is printed on gloriously glossy paper and illustrated with stunning photographs, all plucked from the pages of C&SC across the last decade.

Here are the titles on offer – click each link to buy:

Bellroy Key Cover Plus (£40)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

If your dad is always losing his car keys, this could be the present for him – and it’s great-looking, too.

This leather key cover with magnetic closure can hold up to eight keys and works a bit like a pocket knife, in that when you want to use a key, you just swivel it outwards.

It’s made of environmentally certified leather, measures 8.8cm x 9.2cm, comes with a three-year warranty and costs £40.

Buy a Bellroy Key Cover Plus here

Napier-Railton t-shirt (£14.99)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

The magnificent Napier-Railton, the star attraction at the Brooklands Museum, has inspired a t-shirt design priced at £14.99.

It’s available in sizes from small to XXL and looks like the perfect thing to wear on your next classic car day trip.

Buy a Napier Railton t-shirt here

Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax (£14.95)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Does your dad love keeping his classic pristine? How about this…

Marrying great value with impressive performance, this £14.95 set includes a 250ml tin of wax, a foam applicator and a microfibre cloth.

The wax is easy to apply and remove, with a little going a long way. It leaves a beautiful shine and a hardwearing layer that should last months; rain still beads weeks after application. It is hard to beat for the price.

Buy the Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax here

Track days and driving experiences (from £45)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

If you’d love to get your dad behind the wheel of something special, you’re spoilt for choice. And after being stuck at home for so long due to the coronavirus lockdown, this could be just the special something he needs to look forward to.

You could give him the keys to a Ferrari for less than £50 at a range of UK locations with TrackDays.co.uk – one of many automotive days out offered by the firm. 

Or you could spend a little more – OK, a lot more – and treat him to a Jaguar Classic Tour & Track Experience for £650. No, it’s not cheap, but it does make for a memorable day and will give him the chance to drive some wonderful classics.

Goodwood runs a range of driving experiences, priced from £49 for performance hot laps. You can go on track or off-road at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands, Silverstone has a host of experiences from £99, as does Thruxton from £50 and MSV’s range means you have a choice of venues.

Sensorist (€185)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Your old man might claim he can check the humidity in a garage using nothing but a tea towel and some bath salts, but his classic’s rusted chassis suggests otherwise – sound familiar?

For a more reliable solution, he can put this sensor kit in his garage: it’ll take humidity readings and direct them to your smartphone or PC. Simple.

Yes, it’s priced from €185, but could save a lot of hassle (and money!) in the long run.

Buy Sensorist here

Build the Jaguar E-type magazine (from £35.96/month)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

A 1:8 scale Jaguar E-type is the subject of a subscription-only part-work from DeAgostini.

Over the weeks, the 1963 S1 fixed-head arrives in component form with a booklet celebrating the ’60s icon, while gifts include a modelling kit in a replica tool roll and a display case.

The first issue is £1.99.

Subscribe to the Build the Jaguar E-type magazine here (or call 0844 338 6582 between 9am and 5pm)

GRRC Fellowship (£39)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

For 12 months of motoring pleasure, how about treating your father to the Goodwood Road Racing Club Fellowship?

And it’s not as pricey as you might think. For £39 you get a pack and badge, exclusive access to online content and competitions, savings on Goodwood merchandise, the ability to buy Members’ Meeting tickets and more.

Buy a GRRC Fellowship here

Wacky Races Scalextric (£54.99)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

The classic 1968 Hanna-Barbera Wacky Races cartoon series has inspired a new classic slot-car set from Scalextric.

The 1:64-scale micro game contains the cars of famous rivals Dick Dastardly and Peter Perfect, plus 4m of track that can create nine different layouts, including a loop-the-loop and vertical stunt ramp.

This ideal starter set costs £54.99 with two controllers, while a Penelope Pitstop car is also available at £12.99.

Buy the Wacky Races Scalextric set here

Gunson Twin Head Cleaning Brush (£3.48)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

At just £3.48, this is a very wallet-friendly option – but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great one.

At one end is a Nylon-bristled brush, perfect for cleaning switches and dials, while at the other is a three-pronged microfibre wand that’s handy for vents and louvred panels.

Buy the Gunson Twin Head Cleaning Brush here

Grippaz protective gloves (£9.99)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Here’s another Father’s Day prezzie for the dad that loves to get his hands dirty – Grippaz gloves.

We’ve tested them and can confirm they are high-quality items that don’t rip easily. For £9.99 you get 50 (25 pairs).

These are silicone- and latex-free nitrile gloves that, importantly, have a ‘fish scale’ pattern meaning, as the name suggests, you have great levels of grip – even when changing coolant, these gloves offered a good amount of traction and we weren’t constantly swapping for a new pair.

Buy Grippaz gloves here

Make your own racing cars (£9.99)

Classic & Sports Car – C&SC's Father's Day gift guide

Now here’s something different for the dad that’s good with his hands.

Designer Patrick Pasques has produced a fun series of 20 cut-out racing car templates, published by Promopress and costing £9.99.

The printed illustrations are in colour or simply line drawings for colouring in, and require cutting, folding and gluing to assemble. Subjects include the Lamborghini Miura, Matra 670, R8 Gordini, Lancia Stratos and Ford Mustang.

Buy 3D Paper Craft Racing Cars here


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