Sports saloon, drophead coupÈ.

Centre section of TA14, but there's a new seven-bearing short-stroke engine, plus a return to ifs (coils, not the pre-war transverse leaf), and Avlis's first hydraulic brakes. Only about 85mph with the early single-carburettor 83bhp engine, but 90 plus with the later twin carbs. TC21 is improved TA21, with modified cylinder head and manifolding. No TC21 dropheads, but 302 TA21s so bodied. Later TC21s have slender chrome window frames. As with all Alvises, Red Triangle Autoservices of Kenilworth offer an excellent parts service.

Technical Specifications
2993cc (S6 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1950 to 1954
Number produced
1314TA/757TC21 and TC21/100
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