Chrysler (Europe)

Chrysler (Europe)

4-door 5-seater saloon.

Strange large/medium car, designed in Coventry and France, once to have been new large Humber. But this version had French engine and was built in France (later in Spain). 1.6-litre version for French consumption never sold in Britain. Aped contemporary Chrysler USA styling with its lack of glass. Boring chassis with MacPherson strut suspension. 2-litre came mainly with automatic transmission, manual option in last two years. A cuckoo in Simca's nest, ignored and neglected from mid-seventies. Good engine (later used in Talbot Tagora), shame about the car.

Technical Specifications
1639cc/1812cc/1981cc (S4 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1969 to 1980
Number produced
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