FERRARI DINO 208GT4 2+2/308GT4 2+2

2-door 2+2 seater sports coupé.

Bigger, 'softer', and more versatile Dino to replace 246 series. Layout as original Dino, but with brand new V8 power unit transversely-mounted behind seats, and 8.4ins wheelbase stretch. Style and body construction by Bertone (never previously linked to Ferrari) not as distinguished as previous Ferraris, with 2+2 seating squeezed into rather angular cabin. 208 version introduced in 1975 was 170bhp italy-only model; worldwide cars were 308s with 255bhp and 155mph top speed. 'Dino' name dropped for 1977, and model displaced by Mondial for eighties.

Technical Specifications
1991cc/2926cc (V8 Tr QOC)
Mid engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1973 to 1980
Number produced
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