2-door 4-seater saloon/estate.

Updated version of Genie model first seen in 1966, Invader also had multi-tube frame, glass fibre body shell and a mix of Ford (engine/gearbox) and British Leyland (axle/front suspension/brakes) parts. Overdrive or automatic transmission also available, rare estate car coming along for 1971. With 3-litre Capri (138bhp) engine tune, invader was fast, but costly in built-up form - most sold as part-complete kits. Became Invader II in '71, Invader III at '72 Motor Show, this last with Ford axle and front suspension. Killed off by combination of VAT and energy crisis, both arriving in '73.

Technical Specifications
2994cc (V6 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1968 to 1974
Number produced
600 approx
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