2-door 2-seater sports coupé.

Chunky, ultra-fast and effective mid-engined supercar from Modena, obviously a Miura (and, later, Ferrari Boxer) competitor. Complex steel structure, integrated with Ital Design styled shell on assembly. To 1976 had 4.7-litres/310bhp, thereafter 4.9-litres/320bhp, with all-independent suspension and 160/165mph top speed. Five-speed ZF transaxle as expected, though Weber carbs (not injection) fitted throughout, as on all other V8 Maseratis. Unmistakable style, including high tail and vertical cut off panel, plus glass in said panels. Also gave rise to V6 engined Merak.

Technical Specifications
4719cc/4930cc (V8 QOC)
Mid engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1970 to 1978
Number produced
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