2-door Weymann saloon, 4-door Weymann saloon, 4-seat tourer, 2-seater with dickey, various special.

Fairly uninspired product from Alsatian firm, this one featured a very cooking sidevalve 'four' producing all of 25bhp at 2800rpm (thus negating, according to tests at the time, the need to continually change gear...), so it was struggling to reach its maximum speed of around 50mph. Four speed 'box was standard, the car marked a reversion to flat radiators for the company's products, wheels were Michelin discs, and while the chassis was conventional, a tubular front axle was used to relieve braking stresses (like that other rather more famous Alsatian product, Bugatti).

Technical Specifications
1187cc (S4 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1927 to 1930
Number produced
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