Open 2-seater.

The archetypal pre-war MG sports car, it established the look that was copied by others and soldiered on with MGs to 1955. Cycle wings (later replaced by flowing swept type wings), slab fuel tank, spare wheels mounted on the tail, unswept scuttle and cutaway doors were all part of the classic style. Octagonal instruments were specified, there was a spring spoke wheel, and the whole package went for £199 10s. Good for 65mph, but an awful lot of people broke crankshafts trying to emulate The Autocar's 82mph test figure, achieved with a specially tweaked press car! Handling, braking and steering excellent, and even if some despised it as a 'buzz box', it epitomized the sports car for two generations of young men. Now getting expensive.

Technical Specifications
847cc (S4 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1932 to 1934
Number produced
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