2-seater sports.

An all-time great. Basically a K series chassis, with a supercharged engine, but there was more than meets the eye. Inside the engine there was a machined and balanced crank, straight cut bevel gears for the cam drive and a No 9 Powerplus blower was driven from crankcase front via a reduction gear. 120bhp offered, and they used an ENV preselector 'box (as on all MG preselectors, change was incorporated into the remote extension, not column mounted). '33 cars have slab tank styling, '34 versions have pointed tail, different head, steel brake parts in place of elektron ones and a Roots type Marshall supercharger blowing at 10-13psi (thus negating previous plug trouble). Greatest wins were '33 TT with Nuvolari at the wheel, two consecutive Junior Coppa Acerbos and the '33 BRDC 500 Miles race at 106.53mph. Many hacked about in the thirties to make racers, all now very rare and expensive. Some replicas (fakes?) around to confuse you...

Technical Specifications
1087cc (S6 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1932 to 1934
Number produced
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