Open 2-seater, open 4-seater, open 2/4 seater, Airline coupé.

Essentially a KD engine, with standard MG valve timing, output now up to a satisfactory 56.6bhp. A new chassis frame was used, with a 96ins wheelbase and 45ins track, eight tubular cross members, wider and longer springs than before, frame itself was tapered and there was a rubber insulated sub-frame to carry the body. Fuel tank was now concealed. All cars had a four speed manual 'box, and there were four N-types: the original was the NA, a number of cars were produced with left over K2 slab tank two-seater bodies and called the ND, the improved version introduced at the 1935 Motor Show was called the NB and the works sports racer was the NE. NB distinguished by front hinged doors, vertical radiator slats and a chrome flash fitted to carry the eye past the awkward line below the windscreen. Greeted by rave press reviews, and all were good for 80mph. The NE's engine gave 74.3bhp courtesy fairly minor mods, and the car weighed 161/4cwt. Certainly effective, it gave MGs their last (1934) TT winner. Overall, N-type Magnette is the last of the line, the quintessence of the English sports car.

Technical Specifications
1271cc (S6 OC)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1934 to 1936
Number produced
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