Open 2-seater, Airline coupé, drophead coupé.

Alas, the wonderful overhead cam Midgets have gone, to be replaced by pushrod overhead valve units, part of the Nuffield plan for MG following the takeover by Morris Motors. The MPJG engine, akin to the Wolseley Ten, produced enough power, but tuning potential was limited by the head and porting, there was synchromesh on the top two gear ratios, small (9ins) hydraulic brakes, and the suspension was softer than pervious Midgets. A new frame was used, with wider track and a 94ins wheelbase, with boxing around the engine and gearbox. The whole car was larger, with more passenger room, larger fuel tank, and for the first time a pressed steel scuttle was used. Unloved by purists, especially as it didn't make the right noise, it had better performance than the P-types, but had lost some of the Midget's sports feel. 'Twas more of a Magnette, in fact.

Technical Specifications
1292cc (S4 OHV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1936 to 1939
Number produced
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