2-door touring saloon, 4-door touring saloon, 4-door de luxe saloon, drophead coupé, foursome drophead coupé, sedanca coupé, fixed-head sports coupé.

The Eight rode on a 116 5/8ins wheelbase frame (4ins longer than the Six), had a 15 gallon fuel tank, Bendix hydraulic brakes, six-volt electrics, and a five bearing 'eight' good enough to push the car along at 85mph. '36 cars have more rounded grilles, and most of the body styles listed were English specials, rather more conservative in line than their US counterparts. £385 would buy you the 2-door touring saloon in 1936.

Technical Specifications
3801cc (S8 SV)
Front engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1935 to 1936
Number produced
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