2-door saloon.

Launched in 1960 as the ZAZ 965, in which form resembles misshapen Fiat 600. Rear-mounted air-cooled V4 in unitary hull, with torsion-bar front suspension and coil rear, plus cam-and-peg steering. Initially 746cc, but uprated to 887cc, in which later form is sold in Low Countries as Yalta 850. Restyled NSU-clone ZAZ 966 (illustrated) first shown 1962, but only enters production 1967, with 1196cc engine; reportedly briefly available in late sixties with Renault engine, but this may have been merely an experimental project. ZAZ 968 is more powerful (45bhp) variant. As the ZAZ 965, car was shown at 1961 Earls Court, and concessionaries were listed as Thompson & Taylor (Brooklands) Ltd, then importing Volga and Moskvitch vehicles; British sales never happened, however.

Technical Specifications
746cc/887cc/1196cc (V4 OHV)
Rear engine, rear-wheel drive
Production dates
1960 to 1990
Number produced
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