The Bugatti Baby is back

| 13 Mar 2019
Classic & Sports Car – Bugatti Baby is back

Bugatti is reviving its famous Bugatti Baby to celebrate its 110th anniversary – and bringing it bang up to date.

The original was first produced in 1926 when Ettore Bugatti, with his son Jean, built a half-scale version of its all-conquering Type 35 for Ettore’s youngest son Roland’s fourth birthday.

Not a bad present, then, and a touching celebration of a car that would go on to triumph in around 2000 amateur and professional races – in fact, it averaged more than 14 a week at its zenith.

Its mini-me was similarly successful, too. It was conceived as a one-off, but proved so popular that it became an official Bugatti and around 500 were produced between 1927 and 1936. 

Now its back – albeit with a new hi-tech makeover.

Classic & Sports Car – Bugatti Baby is back

The Bugatti Baby II, which was launched at the Geneva Motor Show, is a thoroughly 21st-century reworking of Ettore and Jean’s creation that remains faithful to its progenitor.

Like the original, it has a rear-wheel-drive, battery-powered electric powertrain. However, unlike the 1926 version, 2019’s has been 3D-printed, designed using a digital scan of a Type 35 built for the 1924 French Grand Prix in Lyon. 

It’s also rather larger than the pint-sized original, being a three-quarter-size replica, so both adults and children will be able to enjoy it.

Classic & Sports Car – Bugatti Baby is back

Classic & Sports Car – Bugatti Baby is back
Classic & Sports Car – Bugatti Baby is back

That powertrain has removable lithium-on battery packs, while the car also has regenerative braking and a limited-slip differential.

There are three driving modes. The 1kW ‘child mode’ has a 20kph/12mph top speed, which rises to 45kph/28mph in the 4kW ‘adult mode’.

Get the optional ‘Speed Key’ upgrade – like that of the Chiron – to unlock 10kW of power and disengage the speed limiter.

Inside, the cabin features a turned-aluminium dashboard, a leather seat and a scale replica of the Type 35’s four-spoke wheel, plus bespoke instruments.

Outside, traditional French Racing Blue is surely the evocative colour of choice, although others will be available. The eight-spoke aluminium alloys recall those of the legendary racer, with modern brakes. And, although not shown on this example, headlamps will be fitted.

Each car will gain a limited-edition numbered plaque when production commences this autumn. Prices will start at €30,000 (plus taxes and delivery).

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