Milk float set to charm at Mecum

| 17 Feb 2012

There's no denying it's rather fetching, but this would appear to be an odd choice for Mecum to publicise its huge 750-lot 29-31 March sale in Kansas.

Then again, thanks to Scottsdale, we've seen lots of Mustangs and Corvettes this year already and we can honestly say that this is the first 1949 Divco 49N Milk Truck to come across our desks in 2012.

A what? Glad you asked. These are something of a cult in the States, there is one in Jay Leno's garage allegedly, the name being derived from the Detroit Industrial Vehicles Company, which produced thousands of these over a 60-year span starting in 1926.

Because of the stop-start nature of their work most, like this one, had controls that could be operated by a driver equally easily when seated or standing.

Powered by a LeRoi engine and with a three-speed box, the forward-control Divco was designed by George Bacon, but the Mecum "snub-nosed" design didn't appear until 1937.

If you want to know more about these, there is a nice summary here. and a thriving club here.