ACs to power up Thames Ditton

| 5 Aug 2011

The AC Owners’ Club will mark a raft of marque related anniversaries with a return to the site of AC’s factory later this month.

This year’s ACOC national weekend will take place in Thames Ditton on 20-21 August with the club celebrating the centenary of AC’s move to the famous Esher site and the 90th anniversary of the AC Sprint Car.

Also being commemorated is the golden anniversary of the 2.6-litre Ford engined AC Ace,  which was launched in 1961, while the weekend’s festivities will be based at the Ferry Works facory (pictured above in 1922), where AC’s were made from 1911, before production switched to Thames Ditton.

The visit will mark the first time the club has been given access to the Ferry Works factory (pictured today,above) where examples of six seminal AC models  - including an Auto-Carrier, a Sociable, a 12/40 Sports, an Empire, a 6-Cyl and a Sprint Car  - will be on display.

A highlight of the weekend will be the club concours at nearby Giggs Hill Green, which AC cars used for many of its marketing photo shoots (photo as it is today, below)

Descendants of the owners of the marque have been invited by the club to unveil a plaque (below) at the Ferry Works building.

It commemorates records major early achievements for AC Cars, including the 1919 launch of AC’s “Light-Six” car and the 1922 creation of the first under 1500cc car that could hit 100mph.Also being marked are the 24 Hour endurance and 2000-mile distance records AC set in 1925 and the company’s Monte-Carlo win (the first for a British car) a year later.The site's current resident - machining technology specialist NCMT - will be holding a reception and dinner for ACOC members at the venue Saturday evening.The event is being run with support from the Esher District Local History Society and the Elmbridge Council.Call 01904 793563 or see: to find out more.