Classic Range Rover joins Lunaz’s EV line-up

| 7 Dec 2020
Classic & Sports Car – Classic Range Rover joins Lunaz’s EV line-up

A run of 50 electrically propelled classic Range Rovers has been announced by Silverstone-based firm Lunaz.

The company, established in 2018, specialises in electrifying British classic cars, having previously revealed makeovers of Rolls-Royces, Jaguars and Bentleys, and says that the global demand for such vehicles means it is doubling its workforce and expanding its production facility.

Prices start at £245,000, excluding local taxes, for the electric classic Range Rovers, with customer deliveries from summer 2021.

Classic & Sports Car – Classic Range Rover joins Lunaz’s EV line-up

These re-engineered classics are built at Silverstone

Lunaz is basing its vehicles on Range Rovers built between 1970 and 1994, and will be offering them in three specifications.

The standard- and long-wheelbase ‘Town’ edition will place the emphasis on occupants’ comfort, and reflect the fact that some are owner-driven, but some will also be chauffeur-driven.

Meanwhile the ‘Country’ specification will ensure these electric classics are ready for off-road adventuring with four-wheel drive and uprated suspension.

Roofless, Octopussy-style versions have been confirmed, too, based on conventionally bodied vehicles – and the first of these has already been allocated to a buyer in Europe.

Classic & Sports Car – Classic Range Rover joins Lunaz’s EV line-up

This electrified 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V was revealed in August

As well as the vehicles going through a full, bare-metal restoration and re-engineering to accommodate the electric drivetrain, the interiors will receive the 21st-century treatment, too, and the nature of these builds means that each car can be tailored to its buyer’s requirements.

It is a case of old meets new, with traditional restoration and coachbuilding skills used alongside 3D scanning and computer-aided design.

“We designed inherent flexibility within our approach to upcycling the world’s most celebrated cars,” explains Jon Hilton, Lunaz’s Technical Lead and Managing Director.

“The commencement of production of the first electric classic Range Rovers demonstrates the scope of vehicles that can be re-engineered and given an entirely new life through conversion to our proprietary electric powertrain.”

Founder David Lorenz adds: “Lunaz takes a history we all love and gives it a bright future. We are innovating to create cars that are usable, dynamic and stand as the ultimate drivers’ classics.”

Classic & Sports Car – Classic Range Rover joins Lunaz’s EV line-up

Three versions of the Range Rover will be offered

He continues: “In the face of a challenging year that restricts every business’s ability to collaborate globally, we have drawn even more intensely on the extraordinary talent-pool that exists in Silverstone, Britain’s automotive and technology manufacturing heartland.

“We are proud to fly the flag for our nation’s leadership in cutting-edge zero emissions technologies and more traditional automotive engineering skills on the global stage.

“By 2030, when the UK ban on internal combustion engine car sales will come into effect there will be two billion ICE vehicles on the planet. Without conversion to electric, this will represent mass redundancy of finite resources that could otherwise be re-used. Our approach answers the urgent need to extend the life of these vehicles for future generations.”


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