Classic & Sports Car and COVID-19: a word from the Editor

| 5 Jan 2021
Classic & Sports Car – Classic & Sports Car and COVID-19: a word from the Editor

As a new COVID-19 lockdown comes into force in England and most of Scotland, the lockdowns in Wales and Northern Ireland continue, and the world as a whole is still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, rest assured that the Classic & Sports Car team is still working hard to fill our website and magazine with the very best classic car content, to entertain you even when you can’t leave home.

When we’re all dealing again with changes and challenges to our way of life, it seems almost frivolous to talk about old cars.

But with events cancelled and venues closed, once more we need our passions, both for the distraction they can provide from the difficulties that beset us in our everyday lives and the community that we have created around them.

It is a community upon which we can all call for kinship and support, and one which has proved a lifeline to many since the start of the COVID outbreak last year.

Classic & Sports Car – Classic & Sports Car and COVID-19: a word from the Editor

So, as ever, on the first Thursday of every month, expect a brand-new edition of your favourite classic-car magazine, with all our regular columns and features, packed full of exciting, interesting and evocative gems – the perfect escapism in troubled times.

We understand that many of you might be self-isolating and unable to buy the magazine from the newsstand, but you don’t have to miss out. You can buy the latest issue online here or here, for delivery to your door.

There will be no interruption in our subscription service, plus right now you can take advantage of our three issues for £3 special offer here.

There are also several ways of getting the magazine digitally, either bundled with the magazine, separately here, or on services including Readly, Exact Editions and Zinio.

Stay home, stay safe, but still buy and enjoy C&SC. And we, too, thank you for your support.

Classic & Sports Car – Classic & Sports Car and COVID-19: a word from the Editor

What’s more, you can catch up with the magazine by buying back issues online here.

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In the meantime, stay safe, take care of yourselves and each other, and we can’t wait to see you out on the road or at one of our wonderful classic car events when the calendar gets under way once again.