Classics to be banned from Paris within two years

| 13 Nov 2012

Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoë plans to ban cars that are more than 17-years old from Paris in a move opponents have branded "anti-social, anti-suburban and anti-motorist".

The proposals would outlaw classics at a stroke, but also mean that even Youngtimers such as the Peugeot 205 and the Citroën BX would no longer be welcome within the A86 Autoroute that surrounds the capital.

Opponents say the legislation would turn Paris into an ‘island for the rich’ and point to the country’s heavy reliance on diesel – which emits three times the particulates of petrol and powers 60% of French vehicles – as a bigger problem.

The proposals mean that ’bikes built before 2004, plus lorries and buses of more than 18-years old would be banished, too.