Giugiaro scoops inaugural Golden Pencil design award

| 20 Feb 2017

Giorgetto Giugiaro has been announced as the first recipient of the Matita d’Oro (Golden Pencil) trophy, a top design award established by the National Automobile Museum to celebrate designers who have made automotive history throughout the 20th Century. 

The inaugural prize reflected Giugiaro’s colossal contribution to the development of the motor car, ranging from the Fiat Panda and Uno to the Volkswagen Passat and Golf, Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint and Bugatti EB118 – not to mention more than 200 other models that bear his signature. 

A special exhibit dedicated to Giugiaro will be open until 12 March. ‘Giugiaro and his Trail’ features a number of cars credited to the designer, including a Volkswagen Golf, a Fiat Panda and the marvellous Chevrolet Corvair Testudo. Click here to see a video.

“With the Matita d’Oro Award, we intend to homage not so much the single design projects, but rather the prestigious careers of those who have brought to life ideas that are both aesthetic and functional, and especially that have catered for the changing needs and requests of their own time period, with an eye for the future,” said Museum director Gaffino Rossi. “We are proud to be the promoters of an award that we hope may grow with time and become an award sought after by the protagonists of car design.”

Click here to see a full gallery of images from the Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile Turin