The C&SC Christmas Quiz: see how well you do!

| 22 Dec 2011

This is the quiz we held in the office this morning. Why not have a go at it yourself? Yes, you could Google everything, but it's much more fun if you don't.

Classic cars

1. How many Ferrari 250 GTOs were factory built? 

2. Who styled the Fiat 124 Spider? 

3. Who designed Lagonda’s pre-war 2.6- and 3-litre engines?  

4. Who met at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on 4 May 1904?  

5. What does HWM stand for?  

6. Name the car: built 1966-1970, 2 tonnes, 17ft 7in long, 6965cc V8, front-wheel drive.  

7. Which drivers won the GPs at Donington in 1937 and 1938, one point for each?  

8. Name as many motor manufacturers as you can beginning with the letter Z, one point for each. 

9. Which late-1960s Japanese classic was given the original Bertone design for the 1750 Alfa after the Milanese marque turned it down?  

10. What does HPE stand for, as in Lancia Beta HPE? 


Film and television 

1. Which film does IMDB describe thus: 'Story of two men drag racing across the USA in a primer grey ’55 chevy. Wilson is the mechanic, James Taylor is the driver.'  

2. Name the make and model of car and truck in Duel, one point for each marque, a bonus point for each model. 

3. What car does Columbo drive? 

4. From which film does the following quote come: "Attention all units in the San Pedro, Long Beach, Torrance and Carson areas. Stand-by to copy. Long Beach PD is in pursuit of a 1973 Ford Mustang, yellow in colour. California licence 614 Henry Sam Ocean. One occupant, male caucasian. Approximately aged forty-five. Six feet, one-hundred-and-eighty-five pounds. Grey hair and moustache, grey coat, black pants. The reason for pursuit unknown."  

5. Which one character owned/drove the following cars on British TV: TR7, Triumph Dolomite Sprint, Ford Capri Mk2 3.0S, Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000?  

6. How many cars (and what were they) actually get bulldozed over the cliff in The Italian Job when the mafia ambush Charlie Croker and his team?  

7. What model of Alvis did Stephen Fry drive in Kingdom?  

8. An actor talking about a car. One point each for actor, programme and car: "It was indeed a horror, this thing was impossible to drive with any degree of safety. The thing was mechanically defunct. On a good day with a following wind going down a one in six, you might get it up to 20mph. The engine sounded so bad and so decrepit that they used to put on the sound of a Jaguar engine. The times I scraped my knuckles and banged my knees on that bloody car, I hated it, hated it with a passion. I was glad to be shot of it." 

9. What type of car was driven by the following (one point for each): The Baron, The Saint (Iain Ogilvie not Roger Moore), Poirot, Tara King in the Avengers.  

10. Who directed Red Line 7000?  



1. Name three classic-car-collecting lead guitarists from The Yardbirds who went on to far greater things, one point for each.  

2. From which album does the Joe Walsh song Life’s Been Good, in which he namechecks his Masetati 5000GT, come?  

3. Here’s the songs, now name the original recording artists (one point for each): From a Buick Six, From a Vauxhall Velox, Rocket 88, Beep Beep (Little Nash Rambler), Little Red Corvette.

4. Name the song and artist from the following lyrics (one point for each): 'She's got a competition clutch with the four on the floor, And she purrs like a kitten til the lake pipes roar, And if that ain’t enough to make you flip your lid, There's one more thing, I got the pink slip daddy. And comin' off the line when the light turns green, Well she blows 'em outta the water like you never seen, I get pushed out of shape and it's hard to steer, When I get rubber in all four gears.' 

5. Name as many artists as you can who have recorded songs about Cadillac Ranch.  

6. Which British punk band sang "I hate Fast Cars"? 

7. Which band set light to a Citroën for an album cover?  

8. Who wrote the soundtrack to Un Homme et une Femme, which long-running British documentary series did he also compose the title music for, which Oscar-winning weepy and finally for which long-running series of erotic movies, one point for each answer?  

9. Who recorded an album called Vanishing Point including the song Kowalski?  

10. Name the fastest musicians apart from Jay  Kay in each of the Top Gear reasonably priced cars – Lacetti, Liana and C’eed – one point for each.  

C&SC (originally 10 questions, but some of them were quite libellous so now reduced to five)

1. In April 1982, within £500, what was the C&S Price Guide’s value for a Lamborghini Miura?  

 2. Who advertised on the inside back cover of the first ever issue?  

3. Who was Editor at Large before Simon Taylor?  

4. Which former staffer did running reports on a Lancia Beta Monte-Carlo?  

5. Name the cars these coverlines described, one point for each: The Redline is Courage; More Desirable Than Any E-type; It’s a bargain E-type! 



Precisely how many miles per gallon did the Beast (Triumph 2.5PI) do on James Elliott's commute last week?