Top 10 must-read features in the January issue of C&SC

| 1 Dec 2016

The brand-new January issue of Classic & Sports Car hits the shelves in the UK today, and it’s definitely not to be missed. From driving a fire-breathing Ford GT40 on the road through to an incredible two-day trek in a Series I Land-Rover, there’s something to suit every taste. Here’s our roundup of this month’s top ten must-read features. 

1. GT40 on the road

Running up the hill at the Festival of Speed? Maybe. Lining up at the start line of the Le Mans Classic? Definitely. But driving a Ford GT40 to an industrial estate in Slough? That’s exactly what James Page chose to do to celebrate the road car’s intimate connection with the former motorsport mad town. To say it caused a scene would be a massive understatement. 

2. Epic RS 2.7 restoration

One of the most desirable sports cars of the 1970s – not to mention one of the biggest beneficiaries of rising classic car values – deserves the best restoration, and that’s exactly what Thomas Konig’s Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 has received. What began as an effort to improve door alignment quickly snowballed into an epic 1500-hour restoration, and the result is one of the finest examples of its type that we’ve ever seen. 

3. Attack of the tiddlers! 

The Peugeot 205 Rallye and Citroen AX GT defined the Gallic way of doing things, ‘80s style. Paul Hardiman sings the praises of lightness – and passive rear steer. 

4. Misty mountain hop

Long before Land-Rover became a fashion icon, it was a tool of agriculture and exploration. Martin Port drives the original ‘go anywhere’ vehicle on a two-day pilgrimage to the hallowed ground where it all began – Red Wharf Bay. 

5. Old habits in a brave new world

One hugely significant, the other bordering on the irrelevant; Alfa Romeo’s 1900 and 2600 models both represent fascinating periods in the firm’s history. Martin Buckley chart’s Alfa Romeo’s move from pre-war practices to mass production, from the austere 1900 to the rare 2600 ‘six’. 

6. 200 cars, 4000 miles, one cause

After being given the all-clear from prostate cancer, E-type authority Philip Porter decided to raise awareness of the disease by going on an epic fundraising drive - literally. 

7. Britain’s forgotten sports car

Donald Marendaz led a fascinating life, having flown over the Western Front in a observation role during WWI, later competed at Brooklands, and even spent a couple of nights at Her Majesty’s pleasure, but it’s his cars which have become his greatest legacy. Chris Randall tells the fascinating story of man and machines. 

8. The Classic & Sports Car Show report

Hundreds of incredible classics returned to the historic Alexandra Palace for the second Classic & Sports Car London Show last month, and we’ve got full coverage of the incredible event. 

9. Lotus Esprit buyer’s guide

The later, more curvaceous incarnations of the Lotus wedge are true classic supercars, but there are still many pitfalls to be aware of. Malcolm McKay guides you through the ins and outs of buying one of Hethel’s best kept secrets. 

10. Our classics Sprite

Deputy editor Malcolm Thorne has finally taken the plunge and bought a classic car, the latest addition to the Our Classics fleet being a 1970 Austin-Healey Sprite. His wife Maria certainly approves – as does AA patrolman Kevin Howell – but do you?