World's first stretch E-type revealed but can you see the join?

| 12 Nov 2013

In what is believed to a be a world first, an S1 Jaguar E-type has been seamlessly stretched by four and a half inches.

Dubbed the Kaizan – meaning 'understand the imperative to make continuous improvements and then get to work' – by owner Paul Branstad, the works started when the car suffered front-end damage in the USA.

While a full restoration was underway at Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth, Branstad decided that, though he adored the aesthetics of a 4.2 S1 roadster, he longed for the extra legroom of the V12 S3.

At the same time he commissioned a bespoke, matching trailer to help him travel all over the States. The trailer is joined to the car by a removable tow hitch which locks into position through the reversing light aperture.

The Jaguar was also treated to a whole range of mechanical upgrades during the restoration and the stunning results have just been revealed.

Nick Goldthorp, managing director of CMC, said: “The car is phenomenal to drive. This is the E-type that Jaguar Cars should have built. The extra space makes all the difference and actually alters the whole attitude of the car.”

Branstad added: “The stretched E-type I have conceived sits between the Series I and the subsequent vehicles produced after the merger and formation of British Leyland, when the design of the cars underwent several transformations as a consequence of cuts in production costs and the need for more space that resulted in the Series II 2+2 and Series III V12.”