Sunbeam record breaker to return to British beach

| 16 Feb 2016

In March 1926, Sir Henry Segrave drove his Sunbeam Tiger along Southport beach at a speed of 152.33mph, capturing the world record and becoming the fastest man on earth. The car is now set to return to the beach for the first time next month (16 March). 

The four-litre record car will complete an ear-shattering sprint along the historic beach front, joined on the sands by no fewer than 20 cars from the Sunbeam Talbot Darracq Register. 

Segrave’s Tiger ‘Ladybird’ is expected to be joined by a 1924 Cub, which was also campaigned by the record breaker. Following the seaside demonstration, both models will go on display for a week in the foyer of arts venue The Atkinson. 

“The 1920s were a time of intense rivalry in motor racing,” said director of The Atkinson Emma Anderson. “Technology and engineering rapidly evolved to match the remarkable bravery and ambition of racing drivers across Europe and America, battling to break speed records on land and water. The rivalry between Sir Malcolm Campbell and Sir Henry Segrave is the stuff of legend.”