Hoard of classics to be evicted from Surrey field

| 7 Nov 2017

A number of classic cars stored in a field near Redhill, Surrey are needing new homes after a November deadline for removal was issued to their enthusiast owner.

More than 25 classic cars are currently sitting in the field, among them a Jensen C-V8 for restoration, four Sunbeam Alpine convertibles, three Scimitar GTEs and a pair of Triumph Herald convertibles. It is hoped that the classics can be sold to avoid them heading to the crusher.

“Classic cars have always been a hobby of mine,” said owner and long term enthusiast David White. “It started with a Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans, which belonged to a local couple who separated. The car had been sitting for 15 years when I was told about it by a local policeman, who thought it was too much for him to take on. I eventually took a look and thought I’d have a go at it! A Jensen CV8 followed.”

“My collection of classics was stored in local farm buildings until five years ago, when I was forced to move them to the field, but it’s now time for them to move on. An extension has been agreed with the land owner until the end of the month, but we need to get the cars shifted sooner rather than later,” said White.

“All the cars are in a poor state and are suitable only for parts or full restoration, but I’m open to offers on pretty much everything,” he explained. “I have a Super Minx that cost me £3000 but is now in a sad state, but two of the Series IIIA Rapiers would make a good car – I’d happily take £1000 for the pair.”

White plans to restore the Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans and the better of the two C-V8s, which he got to MoT standard in the 1970s, but is hoping to have the field cleared by next month. In addition to the classics, 50-60 modern cars will also be up for sale, including no fewer than nine Renault Clios.

Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch with David on 07956 507434, and are requested to leave a message.

Photos: Courtesy of Philip Jones, Byron International

The full list

2x Jensen C-V8s

4x Sunbeam Alpine convertibles

2x Volkswagen Beetle convertibles

3x Scimitar GTEs

2x Triumph Herald convertibles

Ginetta G26

Hillman Super Minx convertible

Austin-Healey Frogeye Sprite

2x Sunbeam Rapier saloons

Sunbeam Rapier convertible

2x MG Midgets

Morris Minor four-door

Ford Escort XR3 convertible

Ford Escort convertible

Daimler SP250

Robin Hood 2B