Porsche 911 Speedster: two careful owners, 283,000 miles

| 24 May 2019
This must be the highest-mileage 911 Speedster ever

Everyone’s heard the story of the 3-million-mile Volvo, but what about the 283,000-mile Porsche 911 Speedster?

It’s certainly a new one for us, but there’s one such machine currently for sale in the UK and, what’s more, it looks to be in remarkably good shape.

The 1989 Speedster is advertised on UK site Collecting Cars in an online auction that has 12 days left to run, and right now the highest bid is just £5000 – though it’s fair to say we don’t expect it to stay that low; these cars regularly change hands for more than £100k…

This must be the highest-mileage 911 Speedster ever

The 1989 Porsche 911 Speedster is a fairly uncommon sight: only 2104 were produced, and of those a mere 174 were in RHD guise. This is one of those 174, making it a rare beast among the air-cooled Porsche brigade.

Presented in Diamond Blue with a Cashmere interior, it was delivered to the UK in 1989 and was purchased by its second (and current) owner in 1992.

At that stage it had just 600 miles from new, but its new custodian had no intention of keeping it as a show pony and instead set about using it as his daily driver. 

Over the course of the next 17 years he racked up more than 270,000 miles in it – an average of more than 15,000 per year – although he’s since slowed down and only added another 13,000 in the following decade.

This must be the highest-mileage 911 Speedster ever
This must be the highest-mileage 911 Speedster ever
This must be the highest-mileage 911 Speedster ever

So, after covering that kind of distance it’s going to be in pretty shabby shape, right? Seemingly not.

We haven’t examined it ourselves, but the paintwork is described by the vendor as being in excellent condition thanks to a repaint, the exterior trim is said to be in good order and the underside is in “very good condition”.

The 3.2-litre flat-six engine has been regularly serviced and was fully restored at around 206,000 miles, and the clutch was replaced at the same time. The all-original interior, meanwhile, has some minor blemishes but considering its age and use, it appears to be pretty smart.

Interested in being the person to take it over 300,000 miles? You can place your bid here.


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