Renault and Vauxhall take on London to Brighton Run

| 31 Oct 2018
Classic & Sports Car – Renault's 120th and second-oldest Vauxhall on London to Brighton Run –

With just days left until the 2018 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, Renault has revealed that the event will form part of its 120th-anniversary celebrations – a birthday which makes it almost as old as the Run itself.

The marque, which has the role of Official Manufacturer Patron on the Bonhams London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, will be represented on Sunday (4 November) by 19 pre-1905 vehicles.

One of these is Renault UK’s own 1900 Type C.

The manufacturer’s first four-seat model, the Type C has a 400cc engine with 4.5hp, and a 25mph top speed. It will be driven along the 60-mile route by Alasdair Worsley of the Renault Owners’ Club.

And the French brand will be demonstrating how far it’s come in the last 120 years with a display of its latest electric technology at Saturday’s Regent Street Motor Show.

Classic & Sports Car – Renault's 120th and second-oldest Vauxhall on London to Brighton Run –

Renault’s not the only marque to be making a particular effort this year, though, as Vauxhall has also confirmed its entry for Sunday’s Run.

The manufacturer – and long-time event supporter – has the distinction of being the only surviving British car brand eligible to enter the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

For 2018 it’s bringing the second-oldest surviving Vauxhall, the 5HP from 1903, which will be piloted by Vauxhall’s Managing Director, Steve Norman, and former Communications Director, Denis Chick.

This car, BS8213, is the 45th vehicle built by the company, and it’s a four-seat model where the passengers sit in front of the driver, over the 983cc water-cooled engine; it has a 20mph top speed.

This will be joined by a 1904 Vauxhall, the 6HP, which, incredibly, is making its 56th appearance on the Run. It, too, has a one-litre, water-cooled engine, single-cylinder engine.

2018 is the first time the London to Brighton Run has two routes out of the capital, before the crews converge for the drive over the Downs – all you need to know is here.


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