When did you last see these classic Škodas?

| 2 May 2019
Classic & Sports Car – When did you last see these classic Škodas?

When the eighth running of the Bodensee Klassik rally kicks off today, four special Škodas will be among the 180 crews taking the start.

One of those will be the 1939 Škoda Superb 3000 OHV as pictured above – a car that is so rarely seen we certainly can’t recall the last time we clapped eyes on one.

It’ll certainly be quite a sight to see one of these 5.2m-long cars, built with up to three rows of seats and powered by a 3137cc, 85hp 'six', sweeping through the Alpine passes.

The backdrop for this three-day, 350-mile rally for cars built before 1999 is Lake Constance, and organisers were keen to select entrants with unusual and exotic classic cars.

The event takes in roads in southern Germany and Austria – and today’s special stage features a Le Mans-style start.

Classic & Sports Car – When did you last see these classic Škodas?

Another seldom-seen Škoda is the Trekka, pictured above – possibly because fewer than 3000 were produced between 1966 and 1972. Think the Czech version of a Land Rover or Mercedes’ G-Wagen and you’re not far off.

The names of the two other classic Škodas will probably be more familiar: Rapid and Octavia.

A rear-engined Škoda Rapid 135 coupé and, in its 60th-anniversary year, an Octavia will also take part in this rally, something the Octavia is familiar with – in 1961,1962 and 1963, the Octavia TS achieved class victories at the Monte Carlo Rally.


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