Your classic: Porsche 928

| 24 Oct 2023
Classic & Sports Car – Your classic: Porsche 928

When I was seven, in 1980, my grandmother gave me a model of a Porsche 928 to assemble and paint in a vibrant metallic blue.

My experience of cars had been limited to the likes of Vauxhall Cavaliers, Ford Escorts and Austin Allegros; a bigwig at my father’s office may have had a Granada, but foreign cars were experienced as fleeting glimpses, owned by mysterious people with the money or character to desire more exotic transport.

The Porsche 928, then recently launched in 1978 with its integral bumpers, spaceship-like design and 4.5-litre V8, fell into that category.

I was in awe of my new toy when it was completed.

Classic & Sports Car – Your classic: Porsche 928

William’s Porsche 928 was found in relatively good health, but a body restoration was needed

A friend’s successful father had a bright red 928 S (a real one), and I remember being cocooned in one of its small, leather rear seats on various short journeys.

The memory stuck, and in 2016 I finally acquired my own full-sized 928.

I wanted the cleaner, spoiler-free lines of an earlier car, combined with a manual ’box, but only 10% of 928s were produced with a stick shift so I gave up looking for one after a year and concentrated on finding my ideal colour and interior with the automatic gearbox option.

Classic & Sports Car – Your classic: Porsche 928

The combination of the beige Pasha interior and metallic-black paint caught William’s eye

I’m a sucker for a good story, so I was intrigued when a metallic-black Series 1 928 with the Victor Vasarely-style beige Pasha interior trim popped up.

The vendor, a matriarch septuagenarian, was selling her pride and joy after 22 years of driving the mean streets of Kidderminster.

The thought of a lady of advancing years using this beast as everyday transport for so long raised such a smile that a deal was soon done.

Classic & Sports Car – Your classic: Porsche 928

Restoring the 928’s body took more than two years, but it was worth the wait

The car had only ever been serviced by a couple of local Porsche garages, with the change coming after the first agent went out of business.

I still have the letter from Porsche AG apologising that she would have to find another garage to look after her pride and joy.

The Porsche’s bodywork wasn’t its strong point, so straight away a restoration was carried out by a 928 specialist near to me in London.

Early on he asked: “Has it lived in the sea for most of its life?”

Classic & Sports Car – Your classic: Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 was ideal for a trip to the Goodwood Revival

Hence why it took nearly two and a half years to get the job done properly. I felt the car deserved it.

Once the work was complete, I was finally able to experience the fantastic build quality, comfort and beautifully tailored interior of this increasingly rare machine.

It was, after all, the most expensive model in Porsche’s line-up, created to take over from the ageing and old-fashioned 911.

Whatever happened to them?

Classic & Sports Car – Your classic: Porsche 928

The sporty 928 works as everyday transport, as this car’s previous owner of 22 years can attest

The inaugural journey after the restoration was to Scandinavia, although in hindsight perhaps a little far for a temperamental German’s first outing.

A friend came along for good measure, and we averaged about 20mpg over 1500 miles, which I think was quite good.

It was a cosy fit for all of us and our luggage, but the Porsche proved to be a comfortable cruiser that felt especially at home at speed on the German autobahn.

Classic & Sports Car – Your classic: Porsche 928

William’s Porsche 928 is now ready for more road trips

I will admit that the cost of getting the car back into shape has been high, but the 928 offers such a lot of bang for your buck that it still represents a relatively affordable and practical classic – if you can find a good one.

On one day in the 928 I’m Tom Cruise in Risky Business, then the next day I’m Al Pacino in Scarface – although maybe that says more about me than the car…

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