Rare Porsche 911 RS 2.7 surfaces in France

| 13 Dec 2016

A 1973 Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 has surfaced in France after being hidden from the public eye for 10 years, and is now set to return to the road. The RS 2.7 came from a collection that included a number of significant Porsches. 

“It was one of those emails that you aren’t sure if it’s actually real when you read it,” said an excited Mikey Wastie from Porsche specialist Autofarm. “The list offered some of the most iconic 911s including a 3.0RS, GT2 and RS 2.7. We couldn’t agree pricing on all the cars, but we were delighted to secure the RS, which did the Tour Auto and Rallye des 10,000 Virages in Corsica around 20 years ago. We suspect that as it was fitted with a cage and other track upgrades, it may have a more extensive competition history. We are now researching this.”

The car only came to light after the widow of the original owner passed away last year. It had been well stored and was in such good condition that it nearly made its own way back to the UK: “We initially hatched a scheme to do a light recommission and drive it back, but in the end our heads overruled our hearts and we hauled it back on a covered trailer,” added Wastie. 

After minor fettling to replace stale petrol and gummed up fuel lines, the RS 2.7 ran smoothly and passed its MoT with flying colours. “It’s the ideal base for a historic racing car or a car for long-distance tours,” said Wastie. “It’s a shame that more RSs are not driven on track, its rightful habitat. This car is ideally suited for some proper use!”