Pegaso to take centre stage at Amelia Island

| 21 Jul 2015

The 21st Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is set to celebrate one of Spain’s most exclusive and enigmatic automobile manufacturers – Pegaso. The one-day extravaganza will take place at the The Golf Club of Amelia Island from 11-13 March, 2016 and will be one of the largest gatherings of its type in recent years.

“That such an elegant advanced design could come from a marketing plan promoting plebeian commercial vehicles is a testament to the genius, vision and skill of engineer Wilfredo Ricart,” said concours chairman Bill Warner.


In total, just 84 Pegasos were ever created, making it one of the most exclusive car manufacturers of the 20th century. Among the cars expected to be on display at Amelia Island – 10% of the firm’s total car production – is a Z-102, an exquisitely detailed grand tourer featuring a supercharged four-cam V8, a five-speed constant mesh transaxle and a supremely elegant De Dion rear suspension setup. 


“Pegasos are technically extravagant cars,” said Warner. “It’s period Formula One technology for the road, wrapped in coachwork by the likes of Touring and Saoutchik. The Pegaso Z-102 did exactly what Ricart and the Spanish government wanted: it brought Spanish industry to the attention of the world, and did it in a very glamorous way.”

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