Bugatti abandoned in a field

| 1 Nov 2010

Former C&SC staffer Gaynor Cauter was amazed to find this unrestored Bugatti in the workshops of 'Alain D' while touring the Sarlat area of the Perigord Noir in France.

This 1928 Type 44 was one of a pair abandoned 30 years ago by the now-deceased owner, whose property is being sold by his family.

"Alain was tipped off about an 'old banger' in a farm field, and went to investigate without many expectations. Imagine his amazement when he pulled away years of weeds and shrubbery to find not one, but two Bugattis," said Cauter.

Although the shells had rusted badly, both cars were intact and the Type 44's engine was remarkably well preserved. In fact, save for a few missing indicator lenses, virtually everything was in place, including the iconic horseshoe radiator, complete with red enamel badge.