Connery CSL uncovered

| 17 Mar 2011

After 28 years of searching, CSL enthusiast Richard Washer has finally found his dream BMW - and it's an ex-Sean Connery car to boot.

"I found it on an online forum," said Washer. "On 25 July 1983 it was sold to Connery and registered in his name to a flat in Chelsea."

Washer adds that Connery may have taken the 1972 lightweight to Ireland during the making of sci-fi film Zardoz, but it isn't yet clear how long he owned it.

The car was also loaned to C&SC's predecessor Old Motor in 1980 for a feature by Roger Bell, and appeared in a 1997 issue of 007 Magazine.

"A fellow enthusiast bought her in Scotland in 1999," said Washer. "He drove it to Suffolk and into his garage, then left it there."

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