Rare Cisitalia found in Virginia

| 1 Nov 2010

Pulled from a shed in Virginia, USA, this rare Cisitalia racer has been in storage since the early '60s.

Owner Wayne Peters' widow got in touch with Ed Godshalk, and spent a day with her son cutting back the foliage that blocked the rotten doors. Once reassembled, an excited Godshalk opened successful negotiations to buy the project.

The corroded chassis plate on the bulkhead read S/N-0029. The unique nacelles covering large lateral openings in the body for fixing external fuel tanks identified it as Frank Kennington's D46, according to Godshalk.

"He drove it to second at Goodwood in April '49. The first owner was Harry Schell, who raced in Europe in '47 and '48 and changed it from red to American team colours for the '47 French GP," he said.

Famed Corvette engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov ran it at Shelsley in '48, then it was much raced in the early '50s by Kennington before going to Paul Ceresole in the US. Peters then traded it for the tired D46, which then didn't move for 50 years.

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