E-type 60 invites Minis to the party

| 25 Mar 2021
Classic & Sports Car – E-type 60 invites Minis to the party

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This summer’s E-type 60 event at Shelsley Walsh on 12-13 June will also celebrate another British icon with its diamond jubilee in 2021: the Mini Cooper.

Two drivers closely associated with the Mini Cooper, racer John Fitzpatrick and rally legend Paddy Hopkirk, will be on hand for this 60th anniversary party, with displays and club stands adding to the colour of the event.

A recreation of a scene from The Italian Job, featuring the Jaguar E-type roadster 848 CRY from the film, should be another highlight – and there is a chance for you to get involved.

Classic & Sports Car – E-type 60 invites Minis to the party

Entries are open for Minis to compete in a hillclimb up the famous 1000-yard route on Saturday 12 June, with practice sessions in the morning and timed runs in the afternoon.

It costs £145 per person and you can get full details here.

With the Jaguar E-type and the Mini Cooper both hugely evocative symbols of the ’60s, live music will help capture the spirit of the decade, while fancy dress will be encouraged, too, with prizes for the best and most authentic outfits.

For tickets and more information, check out the E-type 60 website.


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