Ambitious Bristol Cars announces radical new models

| 7 Sep 2014

The first brand new Bristol to be launched since the Fighter in 2003 – or at least the firm's plan to build one – was unveiled at the Hampton Court Palace Concours of Elegance.

The Kensington-based manufacturer revealed plans for 'Project Platinum' – a new model to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary – along with news of a multi-million pound investment in its showroom, service and restoration centres. 

The new car is set to be 'a modern take on the best of British craftsmanship and engineered to excite as a high performance Bristol car,' but specific details about the car's appearance, power and drivetrain are thin on the ground. 

However, there is a suggestion that the new car could be far from conventional following the joint announcement of another, electric-powered vehicle. 

A company spokesman said: "Work is well underway on an all-new super-luxury flagship Bristol range-extended electric grand tourer.

"Frazer-Nash technology will underpin the electric drivetrain of this stunning new design from Bristol Cars."

Bristol's owner Sir George White told C&SC: "Project Platinum signifies the re-birth of the brand with a design and character respectful of the company's rich heritage in Great Britain. 

"The car, along with the investments in Kensington and Brentford, not to mention the advanced development of an all-new super-luxury grand tourer, all make for a very bright and promising future."