Artists put on special show to celebrate studio's 50th anniversary

| 24 Sep 2013

Renowned motoring artists Michael and Graham Turner are to hold an exhibition of their work to mark a half century of their studio.

The show takes place at Halton House, near Wendover, Bucks from 4-6 October and focuses on motor sport, although it will also feature aviation and historical subjects.

Michael Turner has been a fêted motor sport artist since the 1950s while son Graham has 30 years behind the easel under his belt.

The exhibition will display a large selection of their original paintings, mostly for sale, and an extensive range of prints and cards from Studio 88 – set up by Michael Turner 50 years ago –will also be available.

The Turners will be present throughout the exhibition.

Click here or telephone 01296 338504 for further details.