Italian Job the best car movie ever?

| 1 Jun 2011

According to a poll by Honda – linked to a series of events that we must admit we've never heard of called Saturday Night at the Drive in – The Italian Job is the greatest car movie of all time.

The 1969 Michael Caine classic overtook the likes of Bullitt, Cannonball Run and The Blues Brothers in the research, which took place at dealer showrooms marking Honda's involvement in the British Touring Car Championship.

Honda reckons that as well as picking out the top 10, the nationwide survey revealed some of the key ingredients that make up a great car movie.

While a third of all men picked The Italian Job, nearly the same proportion of women went for the teen musical Grease.  Women apparently justified the decision by arguing that the key to a good car movie is not the plot but the actor behind the wheel, with one quarter of women polled rating a chiselled jaw and bulging muscles above all else.

Men, on the other hand, believe the key ingredient for an iconic car is down to the authenticity of the plot (26%), rating it twice as important as the number of car stunts (13%) or number of high speed chases (12%).

We've listed the Honda top 10 on a new thread in the forums so we can start the debate with the real experts!