Jensens play starring role in launch of new James Bond book

| 26 Sep 2013

Eight Jensens from the Jensen Owners' Club were splashed across the news yesterday for their role in a PR stunt to promote a new James Bond book.

Launched to a huge fanfare yesterday, Solo by William Boyd (beside an FF in the bottom picture), is designed to be a continuation of the 14 Bond novels penned by Ian Fleming.

In the book the British spy falls for and buys a 1969 Jensen FF, the four-wheel-drive and anti-lock-braked model picked by the author because of its technical wizardry for the era, which combined with its power and looks made it a very suitable car for the hero.

As a result, the eight cars – Interceptors, FFs, a 541 and a C-V8 – met at London's Dorchester hotel on Park Lane for their role in the book's promotion in the glare of the world's press.

Seven glamorous cabin crew then appeared, each with a signed and numbered copy of the book in a specially designed perspex briefcase, and got into the cars.

The Jensens, except one FF that stayed outside the Dorchester all day, each had a flag of the nation the books were destined for and then set off in convoy towards Heathrow so the books could be dispatched to those locations.

After the event, the classic cars were widely seen in news programmes and in newspapers both in the UK and abroad.

The Jensen Owners' Club proudly reports no breakdowns or mechanical issues despite heavy traffic in the capital and said it was delighted to be involved in the event. 

Pictures: Nic Cooper