Youngsters to learn the engineering secrets of classics

| 30 Oct 2013

An initiative from the Guild of Specialist Engineers aims to pass on the skills involved in restoring and maintaining classic cars to a new generation.

The invitation-only Guild – set up to represent the interests of specialist engineers of classic cars – has launched a dedicated apprenticeship scheme developed by Roger Waters, Chairman of the Motor Manufacturers’ Technical Training Conference, and Clive Temple, Director of the Post Graduate Motorsport Engineering Programme at Cranfield University.

It aims to ensure the handing on of specialist technical skills unique to the historic vehicle industry to the next generation of mechanics and engineers. 

Guild chairman Eddie Hoare said: "This is a major step forward in ensuring that young people are encouraged to enter the world of classic cars and other historic engineering, which accounts for billions of pounds worth of revenue to the UK economy.”

He added: “It also ensures that specialist engineering skills are maintained for the future and that is what the Guild is all about. Passing on technological knowledge and craft skills is crucial if we are to preserve our automotive heritage."

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