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| 1 Feb 2019

Much as we love the sound of our own voices, and will happily bang on about classic cars until the cows come home, sometimes we like to hear from you, our readers.

Last month we used our Facebook and Twitter channels to ask you which classic car you wish you’d never sold, and you responded in droves – to the extent that we decided to turn the best stories into a full feature.

This month, we want to know what the first classic you owned was. We don’t mind whether it was a new car or already a classic when you bought it – we’re just interested to know where your enthusiasm for the hobby came from. 

Have your say by heading to our Facebook page:

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Or, if social media isn’t really your thing, feel free to email us.

Either way, please include as much detail as you want to, and we’d also love to see photos of the car in question if you have them (the higher resolution, the better). 

Thanks very much – and look out for the results sometime in the next few weeks!


The classic cars we wish we’d never sold